Jeffrey Herlings of the Red Bull Factory KTM Team ended fourth at the Czech MXGP at Loket. After indifferent starts in both heats, he worked himself forward to fifth in the first outing, and third in the last race.

During the break in the GP season, Jeffrey secured the Dutch Masters title, and was confident as he arrived at the technical circuit of Loket. He posted the fastest time in free training, followed it up with fourth in qualifying training, and repeated that position in the qualifying heat.

Jeffrey opted for the outside gate at the start of race one, but this did not work out as planned. He was ninth initially, and bald to make passes. Later in the race it started to go easier, and he posted the fastest lap time in the way to fourth, having passed Van Horebeek, Febvre and Tonus.
Another gate choice in the second race yielded a better start. He latched on to the leading group, but could not make headway. After mid race, he found his rhythm, and passed Febvre, Paulin and Gajser to come home in third.

“My starts cost me the victory today,” he said. “I had to come from outside the top ten in both races, and the rain did not make it any easier. Hopefully I can make a strong comeback in Lommel because the starts are not so important there. I’ve done well to catch up to third in the championship, but it would be good to win again. “


Overall MXGP in Loket:
1 Antonio Cairoli 45 Pnt
2 Clement Desalle 44 Pnt
3 Tim Gajser 43 Pnt
4 Jeffrey Herlings 36 Pnt
5 Gautier Paulin 34 Pnt

World Championship Standings MXGP:
1 Antonio Cairoli 523 Pnt
2 Clement Desalle 431 Pnt
3 Jeffrey Herlings 418 Pnt
4 Gautier Paulin 417 Pnt
5 Tim Gajser 353 Pnt