The first international motocross  race of 2018 in Riola Sardo, Italy ended in disappointment for Jeffrey Herlings on his Red Bull Factory KTM. Herlings crashed at the start of the first heat, and another bike rode over him. Fortunately he suffered only contusions to his back, but the bike had been so damaged that he was forced to retire from the race.

Since riders had to score a top 20 finish in the first heat to qualify for the Superfinal, Herlings was immediately excluded from further participation. “The crash was not too bad, but it is of course no fun to be ridden over. I was lucky, though, that I did not suffer a worse injury, but my bike was too damaged to continue. It is a pity that I could not participate further, but I guess that it is an upgrade on last year, because then I broke my hand. I’m feeling good on the bike, and next week we’ll be ready for it again,” Herlings  said optimistically.

Herlings won’t have to wait long before showing his mettle again, because next Sunday he is scheduled to race at the international race  in Hawkstone Park, England.