Jeffrey Herlings of the Red Bull KTM Factory Racing team won the international event at Hawkstone Park. He rode to victory in both heats as well as in the Superfinal.

After the disappointment at Riola in Italy the week before, Jeffrey was in good form at Hawkstone Park, and started off by claiming pole position.

After a good start in race one, he took over the lead quickly. Despite pressure from Glenn Coldenhoff and Max Anstie, he kept his wits and won the race.

In the second race, he built up a winning strategy after trailing Coldenhoff for most of the heat. He made the pass near the end and claimed the win.

Another good start in the Superfinal gave him a good deck of cards. On the by now very heavy track, he claimed a convincing victory to finish off a perfect day. Jeffrey will be in action at the international event at Lacapelle in France next weekend.

Herlings: “It was a really good day. We were fastest in qualification in the morning so we had the best gate pick all day. I felt good on the track and the weather was a bit gnarly; there was rain and snow! I felt strong and good on the bike and the team did a great job. The conditions have not been easy and I think the club made some excellent work to get the track as rideable as it was. We’ll have our last race before Argentina in France next weekend and I haven’t ridden there for a long time so I’m looking forward to it.”