Jeffrey Herlings Extends World Championship Lead With Win in Czech Republic

Jeffrey Herlings of the Red Bull KTM Factory Racing team won both heats of the Czech MXGP. Herlings has mixed feelings about this track, but was unbeatable on the day, and extended his world championship lead to 30 points.

Herlings was quickest in both training sessions and had a decent start in the qualifying race.
He recovered from fourth, but by the time he had gotten to second, Antonio Cairoli was too far gone and he settled for that position.

Herlings was second into the corner in the first race, and quickly assumed the lead by passing Cairoli.
He kept building the lead and won by a comfortable margin.

The second race was a near carbon copy of the first, except that Herlings had to withstand more pressure early on.
He kept his head cool and gradually edged away.

Herlings’ GP victory has put him in a strong position in the world championship standings with a lead of 30 points.
The series continues in two weeks’ time at Lommel in Belgium.

MXGP Overall
1 Jeffrey Herlings 50 Points
2 Antonio Cairoli 44 Points
3 Tim Gajser 40 Points
4 Romain Febvre 32 Points
5 Jeremy van Horebeek 32 Points

MXGP Championship
1 Jeffrey Herlings 633 Points
2 Antonio Cairoli 603 Points
3 Clement Desalle 479 Points
4 Tim Gajser 450 Points
5 Romain Febvre 432 Points