Jeffrey Herlings of the Red Bull KTM Factory Racing Team is building up race rhythm and thus entered for an international event at Montgueux in France. Herlings won two of the three races on the hard, slippery track, and also collected the overall victory.

The track at Montguex is a typical French track with hard, slippery underfoot and a bit elevation changes. With two weeks to go until the first GP of the season, Herlings is keen to get as much race rhythm as possible. This was an excellent opportunity for him, since a number of fast French riders had entered for the event.

Herlings posted the fastest qualifying time, but had a bad start in race one, forcing him into a catch-up race. It was not all that easy to make passes on the track, and Herlings settled for second in the first heat.

With better starts in the remaining heats, Herlings found his groove and won the remaining races comfortably,. This was a perfect outing for him to gain race fitness going into the opening GP in Russia. It is not yet clear whether he will be in action in any more races before the GP season kicks off.

Overall international race Montgueux:
1. Jeffrey Herlings 72 pnt
2. Maxime Desprey 69 pnt
3. Xavier Boog 60 pnt
4. Ludovic Macler 51 pnt
5. Daymond Martens 48 pnt