Jeffrey Herlings of the Red Bull KTM Factory team finished second during the annual Belgian international at the Keiheuvel in Mol. Herlings came within a smidgen of winning the first race, finishing second. An early crash in race two dropped him way down, and he fought back to fourth.

Herlings’ injured shoulder is healing well now, and he was keen to get some racing laps down at the Keiheuvel. The popular annual event attracted huge crowds, and this, coupled with good weather and a great atmosphere, made for a a pleasant day at the races. Herlings was in from, and claimed pole position.

Herlings launched just outside the top five in race one, and he worked his way up to second. He soon came within range of the leader, and set in the attack. Despite various attempts, though, the leader kept the gate closed, and Herlings finished a close second.

Herlings did not launch well at the start of race two, and to add to this, he crashed. He had to start his march through the ranks from the very rear, and he passed almost the entire field in getting to fourth.

Herlings finished second overall with these results. He hoped to set matters straight during the superfinal, pitting the top 15 of the MX1 – and MX2 classes against each other. He started in second spot. In a repeat of the first heat, he kept hammering at the lead, but the race leader would just not yield, and Herlings finished second.

“It was a wonderful event today,” Herlings commented. “There were lots of spectators, and the challenging track is always a treat. I would have loved a victory, but I just feel short in the first heat and the superfinal. I enjoyed the day, and will be training hard in the coming weeks to be in top form for the second half of the world championship series.”

Herlings will be in action again at the GP of Turkey on 5 September.

Overall international race Mol:
1 Glenn Coldenhoff 50 Pnt
2 Jeffrey Herlings 40 Pnt
3 Henry Jacobi 38 Pnt
4 Brent van Doninck 35 Pnt
5 Brian Bogers 31 Pnt

Jeffrey Herlings of Red Bull KTM Factory Racing has won the opening round of the French Elite Championship in Ernee. Ernée, a Grand Prix venue and former Motocross of Nations circuit, entertained the opening fixture of the French national series and the hard-packed and rough terrain welcomed a wide gathering of MXGP athletes eager for final laps ahead of the opening of the twice-delayed world championship campaign.

Herlings, steering his factory KTM 450 SX-F, took his second win in as many weekends (after success in the UK), with a 2-1 scorecard. The Dutchman barreled through from a mediocre start in the first moto but aced his launch in the second outing to beat Romain Febvre to the checkered flag.

The Grand Prix of Russia at Orlyonok will drop the gate on the MXGP series on June 13th.

Jeffery Herlings: “I was fastest in qualifying by a good margin! I had a bad start in the first moto but came from mid-pack to be on the rear wheel of the winner by the end. I pulled a holeshot in the second and could lead, control and win it. My feeling was alright on the track. The bike was working well but I had a bit of arm-pump. Overall, some good work done for Russia.”

French Elite Championship, Rnd1, Ernée

MX1 Overall Result

1. Jeffrey Herlings (NED), Red Bull KTM Factory Racing
2. Jeremy Seewer (SWI), Yamaha
3. Romain Febvre (FRA), Kawasaki
4. Glenn Coldenhoff (NED), Yamaha
5. Ivo Monticelli (ITA), Kawasaki

Jeffrey Herlings of the Red Bull KTM Factory Racing Team is building up race rhythm and thus entered for an international event at Montgueux in France. Herlings won two of the three races on the hard, slippery track, and also collected the overall victory.

The track at Montguex is a typical French track with hard, slippery underfoot and a bit elevation changes. With two weeks to go until the first GP of the season, Herlings is keen to get as much race rhythm as possible. This was an excellent opportunity for him, since a number of fast French riders had entered for the event.

Herlings posted the fastest qualifying time, but had a bad start in race one, forcing him into a catch-up race. It was not all that easy to make passes on the track, and Herlings settled for second in the first heat.

With better starts in the remaining heats, Herlings found his groove and won the remaining races comfortably,. This was a perfect outing for him to gain race fitness going into the opening GP in Russia. It is not yet clear whether he will be in action in any more races before the GP season kicks off.

Overall international race Montgueux:
1. Jeffrey Herlings 72 pnt
2. Maxime Desprey 69 pnt
3. Xavier Boog 60 pnt
4. Ludovic Macler 51 pnt
5. Daymond Martens 48 pnt

The 26-year-old elected to travel to the UK to compete in the second date of the national series in the absence of other pre-season events and with the FIM MXGP Motocross World Championship delayed twice. Herlings last rolled into a start gate at the Grand Prix of Citta di Faenza, September 2020.

The Dutchman used his factory KTM 450 SX-F to head Timed Qualification by over a second around the shallow hillside course. In the first moto he ran out of time to chase down the figure of native racer Ben Watson after having to stop briefly to dislodge a stone from the rear end of the bike. He collected a solid runner-up finish. In the second outing he hounded his MXGP peer and made the move to lead the field. Less than a second split Herlings and Watson at the flag and thanks to his victory he reached the highest step of the podium even though they tied on points.

The Grand Prix of Russia opens 2021 MXGP in three weeks.

Jeffrey Herlings: “It was a good day of racing. I had a bit of a problem in the first moto and lost around ten seconds while I sorted out the stone. I came back through the pack but the track wasn’t easy for passing and I finished on the leader’s rear wheel. In the second moto I had to come back from 6-7th at the start, although I could reach 1st place this time. I had a few issues with arm-pump but I guess that’s normal after eight months away from a race! We’ll keep working from here and hope to get a bit better each week until we go to Russia.”

ACU British Motocross Championship MX1 overall result, Round 2, Lyng

1. Jeffrey Herlings, KTM, 47pts
2. Ben Watson, Yamaha, 47pts
3. Tommy Searle, Honda, 36pts
4. Adam Sterry, KTM, 33pts
5. Jake Millward, KTM 33pts

The 500 Open Dutch Championship motocross series finally got going on Sunday at Boekel and Jeffrey Herlings was keen to be part of the action at a track near to his childhood home. He was clearly in his element, claiming pole position by a wide margin.

The heavens opened up just as the first heat started, and Jeffrey slotted into second position. He quickly took over the lead He built up a huge cushion, and lapped the majority of the field before crossing the line in first place.

The track was extremely heavy in the second race, which suited Jeffrey. He danced over the obstacles, and lapped everyone up to third place, securing overall victory.

Jeffrey will take the confidence of this victory with him to the next round of the MXGP world championships at Faenza next weekend.

Photocredits: Eric Laurijssen

Overall Dutch Open 500 Boekel:
1 Jeffrey Herlings 100 Pnt
2 Micha Boy de Waal 80 Pnt
3 Rene de Jong 76 Pnt
4 Michael Hool 74 Pnt
5 Kevin van Geldrop 72 Pnt

Jeffrey Herlings of the Red Bull KTM team had a good outing during the international motocross event at Axel. Herlings participated in the event to gain race rhythm ahead of the next GP in Kegums, Latvia, next weekend. 

After having had a good qualifying session, Herlings claimed the holeshot in race one and set a blistering pace.  He opened up a comfortable lead, controlling the race from the front. He eventually crossed the line in first place. 

The second race held some setbacks in store. A rider crashed right in front of Herlings in the first turn, and held him back long enough to drop him well down the field. After passing rider after rider, he finally got within sight of the top five, and finished fifth. 

With his 1-5 results in the heat respectively, Herlings was second overall for the day.  He will now head to Kegums in Latvia for the GP. 

“I’m satisfied with my riding. I haven’t participated in a race for five months now, and it was good to get a tough race under the belt before the world championship season resumes,”  he said.  “The first race went perfectly. In  the second, I had to come back from far back, but still made it to fifth. My feeling on the bike is good, and I have confidence going to Latvia,”  he said.

Overall international race Axel:
1 Romain Febvre 2-1
2 Jeffrey Herlings 1-5
3 Glenn Coldenhoff 4-4



Jeffrey Herlings of the Red Bull KTM Factory Team continued along his winning ways by clinching  the international event at Lacapelle Marival in France. After winning the International at Hawkstone Park last weekend, Herlings won both MX1 heats as well as the Superfinal. 

After a wet and muddy Hawkstone Park experience, Herlings was keen to test his mettle in dry conditions. He had won at this event in 2018, and was keen to repeat the feat this time round. He started off well by setting the pole time, and matters never dipped from there. With good starts consistently good lap times and good race management, he rode to comfortable victories in both the MX1 heats, and as an extra sweetener, he also claimed the honours in the Superfinal race. 

This was Herlings’last race before the start of the MXGP world championship season, which will kick off at Matterley Basin in England on 1 March 2020.

Overall international race at Lacapelle Marival:
1 Jeffrey Herlings 50 Pnt
2 Jeremy Seewer 38 Pnt
3 Romain Febvre 37 Pnt
4 Clement Desalle 35 Pnt
5 Pauls Jonass 34 Pnt


Jeffrey Herlings of the Red Bull KTM team raked in his first victory of the 2020 season. In truly inclement weather conditions at Hawkstone Park in England, Herlings won the MX1 class, and picked up a lot of rhythm which he can carry forward into the season.

A heavy storm broke over Hawkstone Park on the morning of race day. Howling winds and torrents of rain made for a sloppy and muddy track. Herlings soldiered on, and secured pole position with a comfortable margin. A crash at the start of the opening race left him far behind, and he had to force his way forward from the rear of the pack. Without taking undue risks, he passed rider ahead of him, and he finished third, right in the wheel of the second placed rider.

Herlings made his day better by claiming a holeshot in the second race. He controlled the race from there, and his comfortable victory also gave him overall honours for the day. It was his fourth overall victory at this event.

Jeffrey will continue his preparation for the 2020 world championship season with another international outing, this time at Lacapelle Marival in France.

Overall MX1:
1 Jeffrey Herlings 45 Pnt
2 Shaun Simpson 45 Pnt
3 Glenn Coldenhoff 44 Pnt


Jeffrey Herlings of the Red Bull KTM Factory team dominated the international beach race at Loon Plage in France. The man from Oploo won all three heats in majestic fashion and had no serious opposition on the day.

Herlings entered for the race in preparation of the Motocross of Nations in Assen next weekend. His recovery to full form is going according to schedule, and with each outing he is getting closer to his top form.

Herlings was determined to put his best foot forward at Loon Plage, and showed early indications of his intent by posting a qualifying time four seconds per lap quicker than his nearest rival. With Herlings being in this type of devastating form, there was precious little doubt that, barring a major mishap, the day would belong to him, and so it was.

He won all three heats by large margins and was the runaway overall winner of the event. Herlings will conclude his intensive sand training regime this week and then travel the short distance to Assen to fly the Dutch colours at the Motocross of Nations.

Overall international beachrace Loon Plage:
1. Jeffrey Herlings 1-1-1
2. Camille Chapelière 5-4-2
3. Todd Kellett 4-5-3
4. Jeffrey Dewulf 2-2-4

Jeffrey Herlings of the Red Bull KTM Factory team continues to work himself into full race fitness. After his positive return to the world championship series in Sweden last weekend, he participated in his second preparatory race with a view on the Motocross of Nations.

Herlings lined up for an ADAC MX Masters event in Bielstein, Germany. Herlings immediately found a good rhythm on the hardpack track on Saturday.  With a sharp lap, he managed to secure pole posiiton.

Some overnight rain made the track very slippery. After a good start in race one, Jeffrey held the initial lead. He maintained this position for a few laps, until he eventually fell to the attacks of the second placed rider. He remained in close vicinity, but never got the opportunity to challenge for the lead again, and finished second, in the wheel tracks of the winner.

Jeffrey again joined the leading group at the start of race two. After a few laps, he secured second position and rode a tactical race. He is mindful that consistent races are at this stage most important as he builds up his race fitness again. With a another second place finish, he was second overall for the day as well. 

The penultimate round of the MXGP world championships are on the calendar next weekend. The world championship circus travels to Turkey for this race, and then it is the Chinese GP the week after that.

Overall ADAC Bielstein:
1 Pauls Jonass 50 Pnt
2 Jeffrey Herlings 44 Pnt
3 Dennis Ullrich 35 Pnt
4 Pascal Rauchenecker 35 Pnt
5 Lukas Neurather 29 Pnt