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The reigning MXGP World Champion, who claimed victory in the opening round of the Spanish national championship the day beforehand as part of his warm-up preparations for the forthcoming 2022 MXGP season, was unseated on a small and routine jump section of the former Grand Prix site RedSand MX complex near Castellon.

Herlings, 27, hit his left heel in the resulting crash. The Dutchman organised travel back to his home in Belgium and after consultation, underwent surgery performed by Dr Stefaan Verfaillie (who worked on his previous ailment in 2019) to insert several screws and a supporting plate to fix the damage.

Jeffrey, his medical advisers and the Red Bull KTM team will now oversee his recovery for a return to action when fully fit and ready to race.

Jeffrey Herlings: “We’re paying the price for a ‘nothing’ crash. I think I might have hit a small stone on the take-off and that put me over the bars. The impact was pretty big on my left foot and we needed to get it fixed the best we could. Big thanks to the medical staff for looking after me and getting my foot repaired, again! Also to the whole Red Bull KTM team: we’d worked hard for this 2022 season and the goal now is to be back and winning as soon as we can.”


Joel Smets, Red Bull KTM Factory Racing Team Manager: “Of course this is very disappointing for Jeffrey, the team and the championship. Trying to look at the positive side the injury is not as complicated as his foot problem in 2019. The operation took some time but everything went well and we hope Jeffrey can be out of a cast in less than two weeks and can even start some light training such as swimming and some other activities. Then we’ll have to see how he recovers to plan his GP return.”

Watch a video of the crash below:

Red Bull KTM Factory Racing are MXGP World Champions for the third time since 2017 as Jeffrey Herlings rode to 1st position overall at the eighteenth and final Grand Prix of the season at Mantova in Italy. The 27-year-old Dutchman picked up his fifth FIM gold medal and his second in the premier class of the sport with the KTM 450 SX-F.

The sandy and rough, shallow bumps of the Tazio Nuvolari circuit in Mantova, Italy again hosted MXGP for the final round of the year and the second consecutive Grand Prix. In chilly, wintery conditions, all eyes were on the gripping chase for the championship in the premier class with Herlings locked in a close dispute for the title.

Nerves were taut for the last two motos of an epic season. At one stage all three Red Bull KTM riders were in pursuit of the 2021 world championship but the final races of the year saw Herlings in a prime position to bring the gold plate back to the team for the first time since 2018.

In Timed Practice Herlings assumed his usual position at the top of the timing screens and duly recorded his 13th Pole Position from the 17 rounds he has contested. In the first moto he worked his way to the front, passing holeshotter Jorge Prado and then weathered some arm-pump to maintain a gap over main threat Romain Febvre. His fourteenth checkered flag of the year meant he tied on points with Febvre and created a straight shoot out in the second moto for the world championship. Herlings repeated the feat and a crash by Febvre meant he had a small margin over his rival and that of Tim Gajser who was second on the track but ended the day 3rd in the championship.

Jeffrey Herlings: “I’m super-happy but at the same time I feel bad for the other two guys. I want to thank both of them for a great championship. My riding was terrible today! In the first moto I was just so scared to crash that I was riding very tight and got arm-pump. It was really bad but I still managed to bring it in. After four-five laps in the second Romain crashed and that gave me some seconds but at the same time I did not want to go full gas and make a mistake. I stayed in my comfort zone and was thinking and thinking. Tim came a bit closer but I just carried on doing my thing and didn’t look back. I went into training mode. I’m very happy to have made it happen and to go 1-1 today – even though my riding sucked – is really good. This wasn’t an easy championship. All three of us kept charging until the last moto.”

Results MXGP Citta di Mantova 2021

1. Jeffrey Herlings (NED), Red Bull KTM Factory Racing (1-1)
2. Tim Gajser (SLO), Honda (3-2)
3. Romain Febvre (FRA), Kawasaki (2-3)
4. Jeremy Seewer (SUI), Yamaha (4-4)
5. Jorge Prado (ESP), Red Bull KTM Factory Racing (5-7)
15. Tony Cairoli (ITA), Red Bull KTM Factory Racing (DNF-10)

Final standings MXGP 2021

1. Jeffrey Herlings 708 points
2. Romain Febvre 703
3. Tim Gajser 688
4. Jeremy Seewer 566
5. Jorge Prado 562
6. Tony Cairoli 545

The 2021 MXGP World Championship is heading towards a thrilling conclusion after Red Bull KTM Factory Racing’s Jeffrey Herlings rode to victory and to within three points of the red plate at Mantova, Italy for the Grand Prix of Lombardia and the penultimate meeting of the season.

Six weeks after the 74th Motocross of Nations, the Tazio Nuvolari circuit was prepared for the MXGP double bill that would end the 2021 world championship. The shallow sand, with a bumpy hard base, was typically tight and windy and placed extra emphasis on the race starts. The terrain was rough and damp in places under bright but overcast skies.

Jeffrey Herlings rode to his twelfth Pole Position of the season on Sunday morning but a mistake on the first lap of the first moto created a busy race for the Dutchman as he needed to trail all the way back from 13th to 2nd place; a ranking won on the very last circulation.

Prado aced his 16th holeshot at the start of the second moto but Herlings swiftly attacked and rode free of Romain Febvre to lodge his 13th moto win of the campaign. The 2-1 scorecard allowed him to walk the top step of the box and with the same overall points on the day as Febvre, Herlings remains just 3 points adrift of the Frenchman with a maximum of 50 left to win in 2021.

Jeffrey Herlings: “I knew I had to win the second moto because I had my work cut out in the first moto and came up to 2nd even though the seat on my bike was loose. In the second one I passed Jorge and Romain and made a little gap. I did all I could and now it’s down to three points. It’s going to be really interesting. Every point counts right now. I think it is basically down to me and Romain and there is a lot on the line. It will be a good one on Wednesday.”

MXGP remains in Mantova and will race across the Tazio Nuvolari circuit once more on Wednesday 10th to bring the season to a close.

Results MXGP Lombardia 2021

1. Jeffrey Herlings (NED), Red Bull KTM Factory Racing (2-1)
2. Romain Febvre (FRA), Kawasaki (1-2)
3. Tony Cairoli (ITA), Red Bull KTM Factory Racing (3-4)
4. Tim Gajser (SLO), Honda (8-3)
5. Jeremy Seewer (SUI), Yamaha (5-5)
7. Jorge Prado (ESP), Red Bull KTM Factory Racing (6-6)

Standings MXGP 2021 after 17 of 18 rounds

1. Romain Febvre 661 points
2. Jeffrey Herlings 658
3. Tim Gajser 646
4. Tony Cairoli 534
5. Jorge Prado 532

Jeffrey Herlings of the Red Bull KTM Factory team managed to contain the damage during the 16th round of the MXGP world championships at Arco di Trento in Italy. In the first race, Herlings, could not get into his rhythm, and had to be content with third place. In the second heat, he was fighting for the lead, but two hard crashes dropped him to tenth. He had to scramble his way back to a hard-fought fourth place. Herlings has dropped to third in the world championship standings but is only three points adrift of the series leader.

“Where can I start,” an exasperated Herlings commented. “The day started well, but it was all downhill from there. I had a good start in the first race, but could not find my rhythm. I was fourth at one stage, and lost a lot of time in passing Jorge Prado. By the time I got by, Febvre and Seewer were long gone already. Third place was still ok under the circumstances. ”

Herlings continued: “In the second race, I wanted to go for the win, I got to second, and thought this would be my race. I wanted to launch an attack on Tim Gajser when I crossed the finish jump, but the bike jerked and I crashed hard. It was my own fault, and the bike was quite bent, which made riding difficult. I was catching Febvre again, when my hand came off the handlebar on the downhill section. That was a hard crash, and the bike was even more damaged. I knew I had to do something special from there on. I had dropped to tenth, and had to keep attacking, because every point matters at this stage. I am three points behind now, and the outcome of the season is in my own hands. I have not made it easy on myself, and the last two GP’s have been challenging, but everything is still possible. I wish to thank Tony for assisting me. Only the greatest champions do something like that. He demonstrated without doubt today how loyal he is towards KTM, and he had really helped me to score two extra points. Only a real team player would do that. Jorge as well, since I had to pass him three times during the race. We did this as a team, and I want to thank them for that.”

The penultimate round of the MXGP series will take place at Mantova this coming Sunday.

Results MXGP Garda 2021
1. Jeremy Seewer (SUI), Yamaha (1-2)
2. Tim Gajser (SLO), Honda (4-1)
3. Romain Febvre (FRA), Kawasaki (2-3)
4. Jeffrey Herlings (NED), Red Bull KTM Factory Racing (3-4)
5. Tony Cairoli (ITA), Red Bull KTM Factory Racing (5-5)
6. Jorge Prado (ESP), Red Bull KTM Factory Racing (7-6)

Championship Standings MXGP:
1. Romain Febvre 614 points
2. Tim Gajser 613
3. Jeffrey Herlings 611
4. Jorge Prado 502
5. Jeremy Seewer 498
6. Tony Cairoli 496

Jeffrey Herlings of the Red Bull KTM Factory team suffered a major setback during the 15th round of the MXGP world championship series at Arco Di Trento in Italy. Herlings was forced to retire right at the start of the first heat, and finished fourth in the second race.

Herlings was confident as qualifying started, seeing as he came into the event with a 24 point lead over his closest rival. As was the case on Sunday, he claimed pole position.Things went haywire, though, at the start of the first race. Herlings slid out, and another rider rode over his bike. The handlebar and throttle housing of the bike were so damaged that he could not continue, and he was forced to retire.

Herlings was dead set on getting the best possible result in the second race. He battled with armpump because of missing the first heat, and the best that was on the plate for him was a fourth place finish.

Herlings was 11th overall for the day. He is still in the lead in the world championship series, but his lead has shrunk to a single point. The next round of the world championships will take place at the same track on Sunday.

“It was a disappointing day for me,” Herlings said. “My front wheel slid out and someone rode over my bike. There was a lot of damage, including to the handlebar and throttle housing. It is painful so see my championship lead almost disappear as I was forced to watch on. I had to ride the second race fresh, without the benefit of the first heat experience. I got bad armpump and could not get into my flow. It was a bad day, there is nothing else I can say. The next three races will be interesting. We’ll see how they turn out.”

Overall MXGP Pietramurata:
1 Antonio Cairoli 45 Pnt
2 Tim Gajser 42 Pnt
3 Romain Febvre 41 Pnt
4 Jeremy Seewer 40 Pnt
5 Glenn Coldenhoff 29 Pnt
11 Jeffrey Herlings 18 Pnt

World Championship MXGP Standings:
1 Jeffrey Herlings 573 Pnt
2 Romain Febvre 572 Pnt
3 Tim Gajser 570 Pnt
4 Jorge Prado 473 Pnt
5 Antonio Cairoli 464 Pnt

Pietramurata was sunny and busy with fans for the first of three appointments this week. The 2021 MXGP schedule means the hard-packed, narrow and compact circuit will stage races this coming Wednesday and Sunday as the series pushes towards a conclusion. The ground was slick and the winding, elevated nature of the course placed a premium on moto starts.

Jeffrey Herlings was denied a sixth consecutive MXGP Pole Position by just four hundredths of a second in Timed Practice. The Dutchman had to settle for 2nd.

Herlings used his KTM 450 SX-F to power to a top three start and then passed Jeremy Seewer to lead and then score his eleventh moto win of 2021.

At the start of the second race Herlings tangled with Tim Gajser on the start straight and rounded the first corner outside of the top ten. He then produced a display of accomplished and forceful riding to grab P1 only minutes from the checkered flag. The 1-1 scorecard was his second rout of MXGP this year and gives him a 50% win ratio as well as stretching his margin with the red plate to 24 points over Romain Febvre.

Jeffrey Herlings:“It wasn’t an easy one today and this is not an easy track for passing. The first moto was tough but I had to fight even more in the second one. I could see the others ahead in the first laps and I thought ‘now, it’s go-time’ I played it smart and went it count in the last couple of laps. I want to thank Red Bull KTM for their excellent work. I’m in very good shape but we never underestimate the competition.”

The Grand Prix of Pietramurata brings MXGP back to the same facility this coming Wednesday.

Results MXGP Trentino 2021

1. Jeffrey Herlings (NED), Red Bull KTM Factory Racing (1-1)
2. Glenn Coldenhoff (NED), Yamaha (5-2)
3. Tim Gajser (SLO), Honda (4-3)
4. Romain Febvre (FRA), Kawasaki (3-4)
5. Jeremy Seewer (SUI), Yamaha (2-5)
13. Jorge Prado (ESP), Red Bull KTM Factory Racing (8-17)
28. Tony Cairoli (ITA), Red Bull KTM Factory Racing (DNF-DNF)

Standings MXGP 2021 after 14 of 18 rounds

1. Jeffrey Herlings 555 points
2. Romain Febvre 531
3. Tim Gajser 528
4. Jorge Prado 457
5. Tony Cairoli 419

Red Bull KTM Factory Racing continued their streak of premium results and podium presence in the 2021 FIM Motocross World Championship as Jeffrey Herlings celebrated his sixth MXGP victory of the season around the Spanish hard-pack of Intu Xanadú Arroyomolinos for round 13 of 18 in the current series.

The curving and rutty hardpacked soil of Intu Xanadú Arroyomolinos entertained MXGP for the second time after the new circuit opened its gates in 2020. The sun shone for the one-day event and the terrain was technical and demanding.

For the fifth Grand Prix in a row (and for the ninth time this season) Jeffrey Herlings secured Pole Position in MXGP Timed Practice. The Dutchman was just seven-hundredths of a second ahead of Tim Gajser.

Herlings was buried deep in the top ten at the start of the first moto. He had to charge hard to reach 4th and then profited from a mistake by Gajser to take 3rd. Jorge Prado was 2nd. The 20-year-old was pushed all race by the noisy crowd and jostled for the lead briefly before being passed by Romain Febvre. Prado – who could only make 16th and 12th last Sunday in France in the wake of surgery to fix a cut under his left arm – resisted Herlings’ threat on the last lap to bank 22 points.

In the second moto Herlings started brighter to immediately put pressure on the holeshotting Prado. Cairoli was also inside the top five and set the fastest lap in the opening stages. By mid-race distance Herlings was able to find a spot to relegate his teammate and pulled clear. It was his tenth moto win of the year and ensured he has taken the flag once in seven of the last eight Grands Prix.

Herlings has stretched his world championship lead to 12 points over Romain Febvre, 15 ahead of Tim Gajser, 65 in front of Prado and 86 adrift of Tony Cairoli. Five rounds and a maximum of 250 points remain.

Jeffrey Herlings: “We started off strong in Timed Practice and I had a good jump off the gate in the first moto but rode into the first two turns too careful; like an old grandma! I got up to 10th but a good start is crucial now because the guys in 7th-8th are riding so fast and when they have good lines it is hard to pass. It took me some time to get going. The first 15 minutes were awful but the last 15 were really good. I came from far back and closed-up to the leaders. The second moto start was better. Tim [Gajser] made a mistake and I was into 2nd. Jorge was tough to pass but he was riding the right lines. Once I managed it, I was able to check-out and control the race. It was good. I’m looking forward to Arco and the shorter start straight there!”

The final five dates of 2021 MXGP will all take place in Italy and within the next three weeks. A triple header line-up at Arco di Trento in Trentino will form rounds fourteen, fifteen and sixteen before the series moves to 2021 Motocross of Nations venue, Mantova, for the final two Grands Prix.

Results MXGP Spain 2021

1. Jeffrey Herlings (NED), Red Bull KTM Factory Racing (3-1)
2. Jorge Prado (ESP), Red Bull KTM Factory Racing (2-3)
3. Tim Gajser (SLO), Honda (4-2)
4. Romain Febvre (FRA), Kawasaki (1-7)
5. Tony Cairoli (ITA), Red Bull KTM Factory Racing (7-4)

Standings MXGP 2021 after 13 of 18 rounds

1. Jeffrey Herlings 505 points
2. Romain Febvre 493
3. Tim Gajser 490
4. Jorge Prado 440
5. Tony Cairoli 419

The Grand Prix of France and round twelve of eighteen in the 2021 FIM Motocross World Championship saw Red Bull KTM Factory Racing’s Jeffrey Herlings taking the overall win with a 2-1 in the motos.

LaCapelle-Marival, scene of the popular and traditional pre-season International race, welcomed Grand Prix action for the first time this century. The MXGP and the MX2 classes had to acclimatize to a narrow, twist and bumpy hard-packed course that placed extra emphasis on race starts for podium contention. A vibrant atmosphere was created by a 25,000 crowd (weekend figure), most of whom could get near the action and the close trackside fences.

Jeffrey Herlings’ eighth Pole Position of the season was also his fourth in a row and after clocking the fastest time in Turkey, Sardinia and Germany previously. The Dutchman roared clear to lead seven laps of 19 in the first moto before Romain Febvre’s superior pace dropped him to 2nd. By the end of the race Herlings was on the charge again and reduced a seven second deficit to just seven tenths of a second by the finish line.

Cairoli blazed to the holeshot in the second moto but the Sicilian is still struggling with his left rib injury and had no answer to the speed of Herlings, Febvre and Gajser. Herlings led, diced with Febvre and then produced a tense but thrilling move with only minutes remaining to claim the win both on the track and with the overall points for the day. Prado was able to improve his pace to finish 12th for 14th in the final ranking.

The 2021 MXGP title dispute is still tremendously close. Herlings has the red plate for the second time but by only 6 points over Febvre, with Gajser 10 away in 3rd. Prado is 4th and 62 adrift while Cairoli is still in the game in 5th and 73 from the top.

Jeffrey Herlings: “A pretty good day. I already knew this morning that Romain would be good here and I had to step-up my game. The set-up I had for the first moto was pretty hard and there were a lot of off-cambers I was struggling with some arm-pump. Romain made a pass and I had to let him go. At the end of the moto I tried to close him back but I was just a bit too late. He won fair-and-square. I had another good start in the second moto and tried to pull away but it was tough. I entered a turn too hard and just washed out a front wheel; luckily I didn’t lose too much time and again managed to close it back down to Romain. We had a bit of bar-banging with the pass but I knew on this track you had to make a statement. I won the moto and the overall and now I’m looking forward to next weekend.”

Results MXGP France 2021
1. Jeffrey Herlings (NED), Red Bull KTM Factory Racing (2-1)
2. Romain Febvre (FRA), Kawasaki (1-2)
3. Tim Gajser (SLO), Honda (6-3)
4. Jeremy Seewer (SUI), Yamaha (3-6)
5. Tony Cairoli (ITA), Red Bull KTM Factory Racing (5-4)

World Championship Standings MXGP 2021 after 12 of the 18 rounds:
1. Jeffrey Herlings 460 points
2. Romain Febvre 454
3. Tim Gajser 450
4. Jorge Prado 398
5. Tony Cairoli 387

Jeffrey Herlings of the Red Bull KTM Factory team managed to keep the damage limited amidst a lot of drama at the MXGP round of Germany in Teutschenthal. Herlings finished second in a dramatic opening heat, and crossed the line in third position in the final race, despite racing with a painful knee.

Herlings grabbed pole position with a lap time that was nearly one and a half seconds quicker than the second rider. He launched well in the first heat, and formed part of the leading group. He burst into the lead halfway through the first lap, but his rhythm had not settled in yet, and Prado repassed him. Herlings got more into his flow and launched an attack in the dying stages of the race. He came just short and finished second. Prado crossed from left to right on the finish jump, causing both riders to crash. Herlings sustained some scrapes and a painful knee, and clearly not in the best shape after the incident.

Herlings started in the top five in the second heat, and took some time to pass into third. By the time that had happened, the two leading riders had already opened up a gap. He opted for a safe third place finish, by which he managed to contain the damage.

“We all know that Jorge is a difficult rider to pass,” Herlings said. “He always defends his line well, and there is nothing wrong with that, but to jump completely from left to right on the finish jump was not called for. My knee had a knock during the crash, and it was quite swollen. Teutschenthal is not my favorite track, but still we started well during qualifying. I would even have been happy with third overall at this track. All in all I feel that we came through it ok, and I will be much fitter again next weekend.”

With 2-3 finishes, Herlings finished second overall. He is second in the world standings, two points behind Tim Gajser. The battle resumes at Lacapelle Marival in France next weekend.

Daguitslag MXGP Duitsland:
1 Tim Gajser 45 Pnt
2 Jeffrey Herlings 42 Pnt
3 Romain Febvre 40 Pnt
4 Pauls Jonass 33 Pnt
5 Jeremy Seewer 29 Pnt

Tussenstand wereldkampioenschap MXGP:
1 Tim Gajser 415 Pnt
2 Jeffrey Herlings 413 Pnt
3 Romain Febvre 407 Pnt
4 Jorge Prado 384 Pnt
5 Antonio Cairoli 353 Pnt

Afyon drew the MXGP series to the midway point with another outing around the fast, flat and modern facility located on the outskirts of the Afyonkarahisar. Hot sunshine and a light breeze guaranteed stable racing conditions for the hard-pack that was rutty and bumpy in sections and slick in others.

Jeffrey Herlings clocked his fifth Pole Position of 2021 in Timed Practice. The Dutchman now has more than double the next nearest rider. Herlings was part of a breakaway quartet in the first moto with holeshotting teammate Jorge Prado holding the lead for 4 of 19 laps until the Spaniard crashed at the beginning of Sector 2 and would remount to finish 21st. Herlings circulated behind Romain Febvre and with Tim Gajser in close company as Tony Cairoli made up a lot of time from 10th to join the trio by the last two circulations. As Febvre made a mistake on the final lap Herlings was there to seize the moment and won the moto from an energetic Cairoli by just half a second.

The second moto was more dispersed. Tim Gajser escaped Herlings’ attentions in the later phase of the race and Cairoli won a close duel with Prado for 3rd place. Herlings’ 2nd place allowed the 26-year-old to win for the second time this week in Turkey and move up to 4th in the world championship, just 34 points behind Gasjer and the red plate.

Jeffrey Herlings: “I started the day strong with Pole Position and it was important to be on the inside of the gate here, especially against Jorge! The first race was good, and busy! I could not really attack because I had Tim [Gajser] behind me and I had to defend my line but at the same time I had a bit more speed on Romain [Febvre]. It was so hard to pass on this track. I managed to hold second until the last lap but then Romain made a mistake and I had the win handed to me, so it was a bit of a gift. In the second moto I was looking for lines but again I had to defend and attack at the same time with Jorge and Tim. Tim was faster the second moto. I was struggling a bit with grip. The track got hard and slick and I had a few sketchy moments so at one point I decided to settle for second and minimize the risk. I knew I had the GP win, my 93rd. It’s been a good day and two good races here in Turkey. I want to thank Red Bull KTM for the great bike they gave me.”

The Grand Prix of Sardinia on September 19th will take MXGP to the sandy Riola Sardo circuit for the first of seven consecutive race weekends that also involves the Motocross of Nations at Mantova, Italy.

Results MXGP Afyon 2021

1. Jeffrey Herlings (NED), Red Bull KTM Factory Racing (1-2)
2. Tim Gajser (SLO), Honda (3-1)
3. Tony Cairoli (ITA), Red Bull KTM Factory Racing (2-3)
4. Romain Febvre (FRA), Kawasaki (4-5)
5. Pauls Jonass (LAT) GASGAS (5-6)
10. Jorge Prado (ESP), Red Bull KTM Factory Racing (21-4)

Standings MXGP 2021 after 09 of 17 rounds

1. Tim Gajser 355 points
2. Romain Febvre 327
3. Tony Cairoli 326
4. Jeffrey Herlings 321
5. Jorge Prado 315